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Kiffik is on the verge of transforming the future of healthcare

The interstitial space is the primary source of lymph and is a major fluid compartment in the body. While the anatomy and composition of the interstitial space between cells is increasingly understood, the existence, location, and structure of larger inter- and intra-tissue spaces is described only vaguely in the literature.

The industry’s first noninvasive, remote point of care device that identifies biomarkers found in interstitial fluid

For the first time, extraction of bio-rich interstitial fluid (IF) with all its components will be available for multiple health applications. This addition to the medical professional’s toolkit opens the door to a range of opportunities. For scientists, physicians, veterinarians, and hospital professionals, there is the chance to perform continuous or periodic monitoring of critical biomarkers that are prevalent in diseases. The information learned from this fluid can help clinicians, researchers, and biopharmaceutical developers overcome the limitations of plasma and serum monitoring.

An NYU School of Medicine Pathologist Uncovers a Potential New Organ, Setting Off a Fiery Debate

Neil D. Theise, MD, Found that the Interstitium, Long Thought to be Mere Connective Tissue, Serves a Unique & Critical Function In March, when Neil D. Theise, MD, published a study in Scientific Reports promoting an unsung network of fluid-filled compartments beneath the skin—known collectively as the interstitium—as a full-fledged human organ, he knew he was onto something big. He just didn’t know how big. The report was greeted by 2,400 news articles, nearly 3.8 billion online views, and no small bit of controversy, as scientists continue to debate the implications of his …